Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Excellent breadmaking advice

Sorry to be MIA. I've had a bit of a cooking mojo slump as I am in the middle of some big transitions. We're also preparing to blast our kitchen and dining room wall out and expand by 12 feet, so I have this sneaking suspicion that you'll be getting a lot of grill and crock pot recipes on here during the worst of that in a couple of months. I can only stand take out food so many days in a row :).

I finally got my mill back and am getting all geared up to try some new grain mixtures. In particular, I am curious to see how a 1:1:1 mixture of brown rice, spelt and white wheat treats me. This has been recommended by my friend Jerrianne who is even more bold and fearless about incorporating whole grains into her diet than I am.

Since I haven't had time to come up with anything awesome, I would like to direct you to my friend Emily's blog. She's a very careful cook, the sort that actually weighs her ingredients and checks temperatures of things, and consequently gets great consistency of results. Unlike me, the queen of dump-it cooking. So whenever I get too frustrated with my concoctions, or have a question about a particular method, she 99.9% of the time has the right answers and is very patient about explaining things. She just posted an excellent tutorial about some breadmaking basics that I think is very worth your time to read, especially if you're a yeast-a-phobe and are timid about jumping into the art of making magic with dough.

So pay Emily a visit, leave her a comment, and browse her other recipes. She is a total from scratch cooker out of necessity due to food allergies, and I totally love it. Since becoming aware of her allergies, I have transitioned to many of the same brands of basic ingredients that she uses and have become increasingly aware of how icky I feel when I eat processed, preservative laden, MSG enhanced stuff. You'll notice that very few of my recipes use pre-fab ingredients either.

Happy cooking~


ejemory said...

Try 1:1:1 brown rice, spelt, and whole barley (I use pearled if I'm out of the whole). Yummy good stuff. Still has the gluten, so not good for some of my friends. I've been really pleased with 1:1:1 brown rice, spelt, and wheat, red as well as white. I love variety and I like the earthy taste of whole grain. I want to give 1:1:1 brown rice, spelt, and oat a whirl. I'll let you know how that goes. I can tell if I've eaten out and been exposed to the not-so-good stuff. Funny how your body can get so accustomed to the whole food aspect. If you feel like you need a baking day while you've got the kitchen under construction, consider a trip to my house on a Friday. Friday morning tends to be my "bake-it" day. That and laundry!

Nurse Heidi said...

I used the brown rice/spelt/white wheat as 1/3 of my total flour in my overnight cinnamon roll recipes over the weekend, and they came out great. It's definitely a milder flavor base than straight up whole wheat.

I just may have to take you up on the kitchen space, friend - we'll see how it goes when we get that far! We're doing hardwood, so I'll have to be completely out of the house for a few days while that gets installed and finished.

ejemory said...

We have couches and to spare at my house, so if you need the escape, let me know! That is if you can handle the "greeting committee" and their noise. Actually, once they see that I'm ok with whoever knocked on the door they generally settle down and are happy for ear rubs and treats.