Monday, January 7, 2008

Wanted: Orange Roll Recipe

Does anyone out there have a good recipe for orange rolls? I've been craving some for weeks and don't really have a good recipe for them.


Patti said...
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Eric said...

One time in Logan - pre-Laura time mind you - Jonny and I really really wanted some orange rolls. We decided to go to all of the girls apartments that we knew to see if someone would make some. No dice (also the reason I didn't marry any of those girls). Anyway, an hour later or so a girl came down to our place and said that she had made some orange rolls in her apartment. Secretly, her group of roommates had decided that it would be funny to lie about the orange rolls and then hit us with water balloons when we came out of the apartment. When she said that there were orange rolls in the apartment, I ran out of our place to get to her apartment so fast that the water ballooning people weren't ready for me and they didn't even have time to throw them. I didn't realize they were even there until I got to the apartment that was sans orange rolls. Needless to say I never liked those girls after that, and I went to the store and bought some of the Pillsbury variety. Perhaps Laura will make me some now.