Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pomegranate Drinking Dream

I don’t really have a formal recipe for this newly discovered beverage. It was being served at an event I attended recently and I hunted the caterer down for the ingredients. I firmly believe that the best way to develop your culinary skills is track down recipes that you taste and love. When I try something truly great, I always ask for the recipe. I don't just do it to be nice--I ask because I want to add it to my cooking line-up. After I ask, I follow-up. That means calling the hostess after the party or sending an e-mail of inquiry. Don't get me wrong, I respect the rights of individuals to keep their "secrets" to themselves. . .though I consider it a bit selfish. I don't want a recipe box full of things I've never really tasted, but looked good in the picture. So--back to my new favorite beverage to serve. It's easy, can be made well in advance, sparkles for the holidays, and refreshes the palette. The caterer told me that she just freezes Limeade (I just mixed a can of concentrate) in ice cube trays and then pours Sprite over the top. A seeded pomegranate tossed into the mix makes this the perfect holiday drink. Trust me--you'll love it.

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Nurse Heidi said...

You say a seeded you mean just the little pods separated? The seeds are so integrated I can't see actually trying to remove them. Sounds like a fun, colorful drink, especially for Christmas parties.