Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pardon my absence

This is the current state of my kitchen.  Well, more like the upper photo now that we've got temporary sink plumbing in place..  Things are quite makeshift, but the remodel is going along very quickly so hopefully (fingers and toes all crossed very tightly) within 5 or so weeks I'll have the kitchen of my dreams :).  The carpeted swath shows you the width of my old kitchen, now almost halfway covered with my new pantry.  We pushed the wall out 12 feet, and I just went and signed off on our appliance purchases for a 36 inch gas range, double convection oven and a fridge big enough to accomodate pans of slow rising bread dough without astonishing acrobatic feats and rearranging required.  We've been eating take out, mooching off of friends and family, gone through several loaves of bread (sandwich, anyone??) and a few crock pot meals here and there.  I finally broke down and had to bake some cookies because I was suffering baking withdrawels and we were in a lull of dusty messes.  So there you have it - my excuse for not being a very dilligent food blogger.  If I come up with something fantastic, I'll post it, but I'm afraid things will be a bit sparse for the next few weeks.


Rachel said...

Free pass. Nuff said :)

But I'm expecting BIG things when you get back in the saddle!

The Schwendimans said...

I found your blog through Sara Grant and love it!! Thank you so much for sharing such great and YUMMY ideas!!!