Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Evening In With An Omelet

Laura has seen a lot of my cooking, and this is one of her favorites. It is sort of a hybrid between a traditional omelet and raman noodles. It really brings together the best of both worlds.

2 packages of raman noodles or equivalent. I like to boil them for about 2 minutes or until they get tender. Be careful not to cook them too long and have them turn out floppy. I have also found a great trick is to add a bullion cube in addition to the spice packet while they cook. It just really brings out more flavor. Drain off the juice (or set aside for another soup), and leave the noodles.

6 eggs. Mix them with just a touch of milk to give some added fluffiness. Add the eggs to a heated pan with 1/3 stick butter melted in the bottom. The butter will help eliminate sticking, and add more flavor.

6 mushrooms. We usually like to use portabella or shiitake, but we decided to use up some button mushrooms that we had left over from a recent vegetable tray we made. Regardless, chop them into bite-size pieces.

1 cup chopped spinach. I do use vegetables on occasion.

1-2 cups chopped ham.

2- 3 cups shredded jack cheese. We usually add liberally.

Bacon crumbles on the top to garnish.

As the eggs are beginning to fluff, add in the other ingredients and mix well - saving the cheese for last. Make sure to flavor with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. I have been known to add in onion salt, garlic powder, and white pepper. I have also found that liquid smoke goes well in this dish - it has a nice blend with the noodles. On occasion I will also use teriyaki sauces to give it an Asian fusion kick. Make sure to add the cheese last as it will melt on top. This dish will make any dinner in a success!


Alicia said...

I bet this would also be good with either smoked paprika or chipotle chili powder to give it a little kick of a different variety.

Eric said...

I have put peppers in it before and that was pretty good, but I haven't tried the paprika. I'll do that next time. We'll see how high Laura's sodium levels can be pushed.